About Creation Station Preschool

Creation Station Preschool is privately owned Christian Preschool.  It was founded as a full time daycare in January of 2005 and currently is enrolling for part time Preschool and our new Moms Day Out Program.  Licensed through the State of Michigan.  

Your child will be allowed to thrive in a friendly Christian environment that is dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ.  In order to gain the important fundamental skills for their future, planned activities and purposeful play are geared to meet their developmental needs.  Materials in the classroom will offer the opportunity for meaningful experiences that actively involve the child.  Activities will encourage exploration about the world around them by trial and error, creativity and using their imagination.   This influence will help your child to deal with emotions, interact with others, the way they'll think, and to grow physically.  Our goal is to make learning fun!

"Fill A Bucket" Philosophy of our classroom

Our classrooms uses the book "Fill A Bucket - A Guide to Daily Happiness for Young Children as a  theme to reinforce interacting with others and dealing with emotions.  As the Bucket Fillers web site explains, “'Bucket fillers' are those who help without being asked, give hugs and compliments, and generally spread their love and good feelings to others.”  www.bucketfillers101.com

"The focus of our day is to spread kindness in the lives of children." 
Mrs Tamara

Creation Station Preschool Goals

Creative Opportunities that encourage exploration
Follow simple directions
Recognize letters and their sounds
Speak short sentences
Sing familiar songs
Nursery rhymes
Listen to short stories/finger plays
Role playing and conversation in play
Print alphabet and numbers
Count to and recognize 1 to 20, count by 5's, 10's tp 100
Sort and classify objects
Recognize basic shapes and colors
Participate in group activities
Problem Solving skills
Build interpersonal skills
Routine everyday tasks
Cooperative play
Manage feelings
Talk about family members
Pray for family and friends 
Print own name
Use scissors
Use writing/drawing utensils
Able to run, jump, hop and skip
Throw and catch a ball